Can I live without technology?

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Just as excessive sugary food gives rise to diabetes, in the same way excessive use of technology can be harmful. Let us agree that technology makes our life easier, but it is technology that limits our capabilities. It is difficult to live without technology in the 20th century, but we can live on our own terms. Through this article, I am just presenting my views to you. If my opinion hurts someone’s heart, then forgive me considering it as your brother.

How has technology made a difference in our lives?

Many times it happens in our life that we want to do something but do not find the right way to do it. Want to read something but don’t know where to read. Want to cook some food, but do not know what ingredients to add. There are many things that we are not able to do ourselves, but with the help of technology all these things can be done.

Advantages of technology

Stay connected to the world

We get so busy with our work that we forget that human being is a family creature. The world is far away, it is not even known what is going on in one’s own house. Everyday one or the other incident happens in the world. A country attacks its own neighboring country. The army of a country gets the throne overturned in its own country. Some country spreads the virus by eating bats.There are many such incidents that happen around us everyday, but if there is no technology then we would not know. Technology connects us to the world.

Study made easy

It has always been seen that the country which has high literacy rate, that country develops very fast. If the youth of the country is educated then the future will be golden. Technology has taken education to the next level. The knowledge which was limited to books has now become online. Where earlier it was difficult for 50-100 children to study, today with the help of technology, education is being made available to 10,000 to lakh children. Soon no one will remain uneducated in the world. And only technology can bring this education revolution.

Easy office work

Be it business or office work, technology is being used everywhere. Be it office work, textile market, diamond industry, fishing, sports, cooking, driving, cinema or any other work, all are being done by machines. Earlier, to do the calculations, it was necessary to keep an account book. All accounts were written. But now it has become easy to handle the account. Technology has made everything easy. Banking and tax management is all running on the basis of technology. And technology has made the transaction secure.

Medicine preparation and treatment

Very recently, a citizen of a country ate a bat, due to which a very deadly disease Corona spread. The world which was running non-stop for years, was stopped by a bat-eating man. Lakhs died, thousands of families became orphans. Some died of food and some died of disease. But it is said that God bless you, no one can kill you. In such a bad condition, technology came as God. With the help of medical science technology man made vaccine and saved the world.

For Construction

Often, looking at big buildings, we wonder how much time it would have taken to build them. But friends, these big buildings, roads and streets are prepared only with the help of technology. Technology is used everywhere from designing to making.

Will technology bring development in the future?

When there was no technology in the world, then man used to do all his work by himself. The person who worked hard all day lived a happy and long life. Used to spend time with his family. Used to respect words like love, friendship and family. A person who used to live for 120-130 years, today lives even for 60 years with difficulty. And as time passes, technology will increase. In the coming time, technology will increase so much that artificial intelligence will do all the work of humans. Man will become so lazy that from cooking to office work, all the work will be done by Artificial Intelligence Robots. Then probably the average age of a human being will remain only 30 years. I agree that technology is very important for humans, but it is also necessary to keep technology limited in life. And if this does not happen then only technology will remain on the earth, and the person who created technology will be lost in the pages of history.

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