Secretive location? – check. Awesome food and service? – check. Awesome black walls and spotlights to make your photos look like they came out of a studio? – check! No wonder this place is so popular. For those who don’t know, Ronin is located behind an inconspicuous grey door at the end of Kau U Fong. There is no signage or anything to indicate it’s there, but if you run into the bunch of people queueing for Kau Kee, you’ve gone too far.

All that booze!

Ronin is an izakaya-style dining bar with a menu focusing on fresh fish and seafood. They also have an amazing selection of Japanese spirits, with probably one of the largest collection of Japanese whiskies in Hong Kong. Basically heaven for a Japanese whisky lover like me!

Market Chips

To start our meal, we ordered some veggie chips along with a Kakuhi Whisky Highball. The chips were crunchy and had a black sugar caramel coating which made them sweet and sticky. A bit messy to eat with our hands but extremely addictive.

Sashimi Platter

For sashimi we ordered Kanpachi, Saba, Akagai and Shimaaji. My favourite was the Saba which had a deep rich flavour and served with a thin slice of pickled persimmon. Each sashimi pairing is carefully thought out, with flavour combinations that brings out the best flavour and texture of the fish.

Flower Crab & Uni

A visit to Ronin is never complete without an order of their famous Flower crab and Uni. Piled into the Flower crab shell was a mound of sweet crab meat topped with creamy uni, a decadent dish that left us wanting for more!

Grilled Sanma

Up next were the hot dishes, starting with grilled Sanma. Sanma was in season when we went and the fish was extra fatty and delicious! The chef also fried the bones of the fish into crispy bone chips which was fun to eat.

KFC Sawagani Crab

Another popular dish, the KFC Sawagani Crab with Yuzu and Sesame were like little sweet and sour crab nuggets that you could pop into your mouth. The flavour slightly resembled Chinese sweet and sour pork but the texture was even crispier.

Kagoshima Beef

Finishing off our meal was this beautiful dish of Kagoshima Beef. The beef was raw but warm and the marinade accentuated the beefy flavour that’s usually lacking from wagyu. The egg yolk added extra richness while the crispy garlic chips gave it a nice texture contrast.

Ronin doesn’t do dessert, so if dessert is your thing then this isn’t the place for you. But who needs dessert when you have a whole wall of booze! As Japanese whisky lovers we started going ham on the more uncommon bottles. I lost count of how many we had but our server gave us many interesting and unique recommendations. I remember my favourite was this Mars 10-year-old Maltage Komagatake with aroma of dried fruit and a nice toffee flavour. Definitely need to get myself a bottle 😀

Overall, the dining experience at Ronin was splendid and I look forward to visiting again soon!


8 On Wo Lane, Sheung Wan

Tel: 2547 5263

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 18:00-00:00 Closed on Sun



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